There's danger inside those eyes.
Hello fellow Tumblr....ers. Curtis here, alcoholic, smoking, gay 20 year old. Currently residing in the land of the sheep (also known as Wales). Studying Criminology with Applied Psychology at Aberystwyth University. I hope to someday escape this place of drama and crazy people. Hopefully a kind American person will take pity on me and marry me so I can get a green card ;)

So, what's your story?
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  • WiFi: connected
  • Me: then fucking act like it



clouds look so friendly i wish i was a cloud


this cloud doesnt look very friendly to me

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In case anyone wanted to know what a lightning strike can do to the body- given that they survive.

all about bruises
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USC Vee // 35mm // 
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Working until 6 and I am so hungover! The very thought of pouring pints makes me feel sick
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my moms been talking to me for 20 minutes about responsible decisions to make when I move away for school tomorrow so I started building a wall of Kraft Dinner in between us and she’s still talking

Oh ya? Then set up ur webcam to take a pic? Where’s your ma??? She just stay there and talked while I stacked cheese and placed ur camera and took a pic???? Ya???????
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